Tiki of the month: March 2014

Better late than never. March’s tiki was a Tiki Farm from 2001:

It’s nothing fancy but I freaking love a mug with a handle, so I think this is actually my new go-to mug for home cocktails.


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I was a very glamorous child


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38 years wasn’t enough

Today would’ve been my brother’s 40th birthday. He is the man that introduced me to Hellraiser, Star Trek, the power of good hair, and so much more. He lived authentically and honestly, through good and bad, and helped model so many of my views on life. I miss him and love him every day.

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Liquid eyeliner is a lot like flying on an airplane

Every time I do it I think to myself “man, that gave me WAY too much anxiety. I won’t ever do it again”.
And to be honest, I’m always nervous I overdid it and look like Carl Tanzler’s girlfriend.

(Carl and Maria- because true love and excessive eye makeup never die.)

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Sorry ladies on Facebook-

But Marilyn Monroe didn’t actually say that thing you’re quoting her as saying.

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“Respect” will be the new “r” word

I saw this on Facebook, I wish I had the link for whoever created it:


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Treasure hunting: March 4th and 5th, 2014

I found myself with a little extra time on my hands yesterday, so I stopped by the antique mall by my son’s school. It’s been so long since I found a tiki in the wild that I thought it proper to take a picture of them “in situ”.


Then today I found this kitschy rattan mirror that we have absolutely no room for whatsoever. I mean of course it came home with me but we still have no idea what to do with it.


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Tiki of the month: February 2014

The Moko mug by Tom “Big Toe” Laura:

My first Maori inspired mug! This guy arrived in the mail yesterday morning, and last night at work I dealt a 19 banker run on baccarat. Some days are more exciting than others!

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Casino ProTip #1

This thing right here is called a SHOE not a CHUTE.

This is very important stuff and something that can drive your dealer absolutely fucking nuts.

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This wouldn’t have happened at McDowell’s


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