Hold the fuck up

Beverly Hills Cop 4 is being released in early 2016. Why am I just finding out about this??


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Some beautiful Haywood-Wakefield bedroom sets we saw today.

If today is indicative of the next year, then 35 is gonna be really freaking awesome.

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It me!

Halloween @ work- I went as Abby from NCIS. What a fun day.

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Mood lighting

Lampshade re-do courtesy of some cocktail umbrella fabric I found. This lamp is officially tiki-room perfection.

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Honestly I’m just surprised it wasn’t Angry Birds

I received a text today from verizon saying I was close to exceeding my monthly data usage. Turns out my husband has had Plants vs. Zombies running on his phone for the last 448 hours.

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We’re moments away from fall!

When I see mums outside of the grocery store I know it’s on! And although pumpkin spice lattes got unlocked at Starbucks this week, I’m not going to get one until september. I eat pumpkin flavored stuff year-round, but something about the PSL is very “autumn-only” to me.
Life is always a little more exciting this time of year. My holiday vacation is approved (I never work on/around Halloween), and my seasonal baking plans are getting finalized. Their’s nothing better than taking a few days off in the end of October, playing spooky movies, and making enough treats to feed all your friends, family, and co-workers.

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Treasure hunting: August 21, 2014

Hot damn.

Today was a great day and it’s about waaaay more than an OMC mug and a few swizzles. I’ve been sick for a few days and today was my first foray into the world for non-mandatory things. I scored these guys at a liquidation sale, and when I went to the craft store to pick up some Halloween stuff I found these:

It has begun!!!
Now I’m siting on the couch with Alec, watching cartoons and waiting for Camren to get home. My parents are bringing dinner over later and I have a fresh pie on the counter. Life is very, very good.

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What a difference 2 decades makes

When I was a teenager, if you were into black nail polish and body glitter on your eyes you had to stock up around halloween time. Nowadays you can find that stuff year round. It’s a really fucking good time to be alive.

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Well I’ll be damned

A sentence I’d never thought I’d write:
I owe United Healthcare an apology.
As it turns out, they want to pay for Alec’s speech therapy. But they’ve been submitting a request for medical receipts/updates to the provider for 6 (SIX!!!) months, and they have yet to hear back. This is a standard thing, where insurance requests updates on the treatment to ensure it’s working, and the provider just hasn’t responded. In 6 fucking months! So a very nice lady at United Healthcare and I hammered this out, she called the provider and got through to who handles this, and they should have these records within the week. And they can retro-bill back through January which should save me literally almost $3,000!!!!
I told the lady that helped me that I honestly think this was the first time I had a phone call to United Healthcare in almost 3 years that didn’t end in tears of frustration. It took a few days and several hours of phone calls, but I’d say it was definitely time well spent. Now I just need to make follow-up calls next week to ensure everything went according to plan.

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On medical bills and insurance providers

I’ve spent the last few days spending all of my free time on the phone with the medical system that Alec’s speech therapy is provided through.  The long and short of it is they don’t seem to have any record of a bill I’ve been paying on for 2 years, making twice-monthly payments.  Suddenly the auto-withdraw from my bank account just stopped, and upon inquiry the several customer service reps I’ve talked to just aren’t able to narrow down what happened.  In fact, one of them told me that they actually don’t do twice a month auto-withdraws, they will only do one per month.  Um, that’s not accurate.  Apparently at some point recently they “switched systems, everyone’s having problems and calling”, but they couldn’t locate which actual account the auto-withdraw was coming from because I literally have 40+ accounts with them.  Every single individual month of speech therapy is considered a new account.  Alec’s been getting speech therapy for over 3 years, so… Not to mention any other doctor’s appointments within this system, ER visits, hospital stays, etc. etc.  So homegirl on the phone pretty much told me she couldn’t sift through all my accounts to find the one I was making payments on because it would take too long.  This is a literal account of me on the phone today:
But this isn’t even the best part of my last few days!  It has come to my attention that my insurance provider, United Healthcare, is no longer paying for ANY of Alec’s speech therapy!  So tomorrow morning I get to call United Healthcare and see why they’ve given up on a non-verbal 5-year old.  I know we were paying 100% of the therapy costs towards the end of last year, but I assumed it was because we were blowing through the deductible and that would change at the beginning of 2014.  I assumed wrong.  And the billing cycle takes so long through the provider and the insurance agency that yes, it really does take several months to discover this kind of information.  So not only have we accrued over $3,000 in speech therapy bills this year, at this point it would literally be cheaper to pay for speech therapy OUT OF POCKET than have it run through insurance.  Which is what we will do, because contrary to what United Healthcare thinks, this is a NECESSARY and HELPFUL service.  So now we need to come up with even more cash up-front because you have to purchase speech visits in a bundle, you can’t just pay for the appointment the day of or anything like that.
I was on the phone for so log this morning dealing with all of this that I literally had my phone on speaker while I was getting ready for work, driving to work, and sitting in the parking lot.  And when I finally hung up, maybe 10 minutes before I was supped to clock in at my job, I just burst into tears.  Because the system is so broken that neither ABA or speech therapy are provided for my son by United Healthcare.  These are massive financial expenses that are accruing every month that are NOT optional.  He is making so much progress right now that I wish I could tell every single person at United Healthcare how excited his behavioral pediatrician was at his last appointment.  ”It’s like I’m meeting a different child”, she told me.  And we’re in this world where the only thing- and literally the only thing- insurance is paying for is part of his occupation therapy.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I am paying thousands in insurance premiums for a provider who is doing nothing but denying all my son’s services but one.

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